Lukaku looking away from The blues

“When [Salomon] Kalou put the cup on my lap in the bus I asked him to take it away immediately. I didn’t want to touch it because just as with the Champions League I had no part in it at all,” he told the newspaper on Thursday. “I don’t like people talking to me about the Champions League. It wasn’t me, but my team that won the trophy.”

That’s what Romelu Lukaku said today, and I agree. Chelsea bought him for 18 million (!) and played him only 12 times last season, so I can see why he is upset. he is a fantastic player, he is young and strong, very tall, amazingly  fast and agile, and has very strong shoots. I don’t see why Chelsea spent so much money on him if they don’t even play him! if Chelsea won’t understand how good he is and play him more he will leave very soon, and somebody else will get the treasure. so please play him more!



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2 responses to “Lukaku looking away from The blues”

  1. unano123 says :

    it is a miss if chelsea doesn’t use him, great player!!!!

  2. aviboyou says :

    Yeah he is! Hope they understand…

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