Are Chelsea Hungry for Another big – name striker?

First of all thanks a lot to unano123 who wrote this article as a guest writer for as! thanks mate! 

Recently, Chelsea’s striker Didier Drogba announced he won’t renew his contract in Chelsea after this season (2011\2012).  After winning with Chelsea the Champion’s League the sad moment came and Drogba left Chelsea.  He had it all, strength, size, shots and speed.  It’s a real pity he left Chelsea.  But we are not here to talk about Drogba, we are here to answer the question, do Chelsea need a new striker or is Chelsea’s current arsenal enough?  Well, I’m here to answer that question.

Well, let’s look at  Chelsea’s current situation.  Sturridge, Torres and Lukaku.  Torres and Sturridge provide the dribbling, the agility and the support, but they are no Drogba.  If you ask me, Lukaku is the perfect replacement to the fresh hole in Chelsea’s squad.

Lukaku was born in Antwerp Belgium.  He played in Aderlecht’s adult team and demonstrated his skill again and again and again.  In 2011 Chelsea bought the young star and paid and amazing sum of 18 million Pounds!! So much money and he had only 12 appearances in Chelsea.


Lukaku is only 19 years old but he is a star and probably will grow to be an even bigger star.  Being 1.91 meters he is a perfect replacement instead of Drogba.  Lukaku is known for his spins and shots, tricks and agility.

If you ask me, the combination of Torres’s dribbling and Lukaku’s skills, Chelsea will have one of the best strikers combinations in the world.  And believe me, if Chelsea doesn’t use him, you can say that 18 million went down the drain.

So, did I answer the question? Yes I did.  Chelsea’s current arsenal is definitely enough.  Do Chelsea need to buy a new striker? No!!! Excellent Lukaku Romelu has what it needs, he is young, strong, fast and has the most amazing shots, he is Drogba’s heir chosen by destiny. When Chelsea will realize the asset it has Lukaku will be in the opening squad in no time.


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  1. aviboyou says :

    thanks again unano123!

  2. unano123 says :

    thanks mate, it seems i did some little mistakes there, avast!!!!

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