Was Torres’s season so bad?


Lot’s of stuff have been said about Fernando Torres this season, he is finished, he isn’t good anymore, he should retire, he isn’t the players he used to be, and lot’s of other things. And that’s right, he isn’t the player he used to be. He changed. He understood he can’t play the same way he did because of technical problems since his injury, so he adapted a new style of play! Which I think is brilliant! When a player understands he isn’t the same player and can change completely – he has something many other players should have!

Torres became from a player that scores goals and gets all the glory to a player who does lot’s of hard work that not many people notice. He had 12 assists this year which is a lot for a striker, but nobody noticed him. Too bad. He also scored 12 goals which of course isn’t enough, but for one of the worst seasons in his career, scoring 12 goals and making 12 assists isn’t too bad!


So that’s all I wanted to say, hope you enjoyed reading! Goodbye!


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2 responses to “Was Torres’s season so bad?”

  1. maisa798 says :

    would you be for a Falcao-Torres(+cash) swap or do you think Di Matteo should continue to build the team around ‘new’ Torres?

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