Di Matteo – The man to do the job?

The story of the Italian:


Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea legend has signed a deal with Chelsea in mid-February and has since then taken two trophies at the Chelsea team. Here is all what happened there at the last 4 month.

He has come when Chelsea weren’t in a very good situation; they were kind of crashed at the time… AVB the old manager has led the blues to a bad position, he hasn’t done well connecting to the veteran Chelsea players, he was young and not experienced enough for these levels of the best football in the planet. The day came and he was sacked. Abramovich needed a new manager to take place but no big managers were free for taking, so he decided to let assistant coach Roberto Di Matteo to take place as the caretaker manager at Chelsea – then it all begun.

At first when he came Chelsea didn’t play any better than before, but then di Matteo found the key for Chelsea success – being a player’s manager. He became connected with the veteran players, he started talking a lot more than AVB did to the players, and he gave them a feeling of confidence. Since that moment Chelsea changed, right – they still weren’t playing the best football possible, but they seemed to play for the manager.


At the end of the season Chelsea were able to lift two very big trophies, the FA Cup and the Champions league Cup. di Matteo was the first ever manager for Chelsea to bring Champions league success, even though he came at mid-February he managed to completely change the Chelsea season, from being one of the worst ever seasons to one of the best ever! So he’s done a brilliant job, that’s for sure. But is it only something that happens once? Should he continue at the blues? Or are they better managers on the long term for Chelsea?

Well it’s very hard to know, because he did a great job at Chelsea, but it’s hard to tell if he will be good at the long – term. Right now Abramovich isn’t involving di Matteo in anything that is happening at Chelsea according to reports, but the reason I’m not sure if he will be good for the long – term is because as I said he is a player’s manager; and maybe that isn’t the best thing for someone who needs to do a whole change at the squad… he is a young manager and not too experienced, so it’s very hard to tell if he will succeed at Chelsea over the long – term.

So I am not sure whether or not he should keep on managing the blues or if we should spend money and bring a more experienced manager to do a very big change at the squad… all we can do now is wait and see.



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Some of the latest Chelsea news


Today I am going to give you the latest Chelsea news of the last few days. let’s start!

Eden Hazard – 

The Lille playmaker has been stringing football fans along for a matter of weeks but it appears his latest tweet confirms he will be joining Chelsea, who are after all the ‘Champions League winner’ that the 21 year old is referring too. Eden is a great player for Chelsea, he has lots of flair and very nice football in him. lots of people are calling him to be the next Ronaldo (not the fat one ;)). let’s hope he will fit in well at the veteran Chelsea dressing room! cuz he is a very good player.

Here is the tweet that claimed the move to Chelsea is done:

Hulk – 

After Drogba’s contract has not been renewed Chelsea badly need another strong and powerful center forward, The Blues have long been linked with the Brazilian forward and now reports in Portugal have claimed a deal has been agreed between the two clubs ahead of the transfer window opening. although no one knows who’s giong to the permanent Chelsea manager, Abramovich is still singing big – names for the blues squad for next season.

Hulk has notched up a total of 76 goals in 155 appearances for Porto and having won three domestic titles, a Europa League and a Super Cup winners medal to boot perhaps the goal machine feels a move away from Porto is long overdue and such a move to the Premier League would no doubt aid his chances of adding to the nine international caps he has amassed to date.


Branislav Ivanovic –

Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic  is being tracked by Real Madrid manager Jose Mouriniho . The Portuguese manager is hopeful that he can complete a deal for the Serbian international this summer as Los Blancos prepare for a busy summer of transfer deals. here is what he had to say about it:

‘I know what has been written about my future and that Madrid are following me, but now is not the time to talk about this,” the 28-year-old told Marca.

‘I am focused on the national team now and I am very happy at Chelsea.

‘I won the Champions League just one week ago and to think about changing clubs now is complicated. I am very happy in London.’

Petr Cech –

last thing for today is Cech, he has signed another four years deal for the club! congrats!


So that’s all for now. hope you enjoyed reading! goodbye!  



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